IT End User Management Service
Make your management more efficient
IT End User Management Service
UST IT End User Management Service is a new IT operation service with service level as the benchmark, business development as the guide, and the goal of implementing the improvement of business capability. UST proposes the service design of product service, operation service, service modularization, and reverse cost control, which implements systemization, business promotion, user experience, and cost control, customizes more professional and appropriate services to maximize the efficiency of resources and funds.
Quantify Overall Operations
Define comprehensive managed services based on service SLAs to help quantify 95% of the overall operations of enterprise IT end-users.
Reduce Operating Costs
Help companies reduce overall desktop operating costs by 25% through intelligent IT service tool applications and optimized IT organization structure.
Enhance User Experience
Implement 93% end-user satisfaction through diversified end-user experience management and comprehensive understanding of user needs
Business Requirements Management

Scalable, standardized and continuously innovative services.

Resource Integration Capability

Service support covering the China region and APAC

Service Delivery Management

Definition of service delivery, KPIs, service delivery prices, enterprises can buy on demand.

Cost Operations Management

Improvement of service efficiency and productivity through management and technology applications.

Technology Features
Intelligent AI and Business Portrait
For different business users, set different information, security, service rights, business portrait management and planning.
IT Self-Service
Through the IT Smart Portal, users can access a variety of self-service content such as IT information, technical services, and IT consulting.
One-stop Service Request
AI Smart Service Portal Integrates User Access
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Middle Platform Architecture for IT Operations
Establish a digital IT operational middle platform with powerful capabilities based on microservices architecture to improve the efficiency of enterprise innovation technology implementation and reduce costs.
Deep Integration of IT Operation Systems
Integration of IT operation systems through IT system API gateway system.
Analysis of Operational Big Data
Implement value-added IT operation data and assist IT decision making through IT operation data warehouse and big data technology.
Comprehensive Automated O&M
RPA process robots replace traditional process management models and IT infrastructure operation and maintenance automation tools.
Centralized Management of Operational Services
Centralized management of IT service catalogs, rules, information and permissions through the IT service middle platform system to improve management efficiency.
Multi-tier IT Service Deployment
Enables rapid IT service deployment and scenario service orchestration management for business ecosystem users (employees, partners, resellers, channel providers).
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