UCC Solution
Get nearly 6 times the benefits for 1/3 the price
UCC Solution

UCC Solution - Unified Communication System is a new communication model that integrates computer technology with traditional communication technology. At its core, it allows employees to communicate freely with data, images and sound, from any device, over any network, at anytime and anywhere. Unified communications systems combine all message types: voice, fax, email, mobile SMS, multimedia and data, bringing diversity of choice and efficiency to employees. Based on interconnection at the network level while enabling integration and collaboration at the application level.

Call the Internal Number
Calling other extension numbers on the phone
Call an Outside Number
Outbound calls based on the routing rules set on the matching PBX
Answer the Phone
Pick up and answer the phone when the extension is vibrating
Call Forwarding
Transferable to other extensions or handsets
Call Interception
Call intercept can be used to answer calls from other extensions
Voice Mailbox
Transferable to voicemail after work
Multi-party Teleconference
Voice conference rooms can be set up for multi-party participation
Auto Attendant
IVR voice guidance can be set up
Call Routing
Different call routing can be set up for different hotlines
Ringing Group
Multiple extension resonances can be set
Inbound calls can be restricted to blacklists
Extension Configuration
Configuration management of extensions
Gateway Docking
Can interface to external gateways for call routing
More phone functions
Support for network functions
Data sharing and collaboration
Instant communication
Not limited to geographical areas
Convenient work at home
Good for working outside
Clients all over the world
Easy to Deploy
Low build cost
Low overheads
Low communication costs
Low maintenance and upgrade costs
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