IT Infrastructure Operation Solution
Improve IT infrastructure O&M efficiency
IT Infrastructure Operation Solution

UST IT Infrastructure Operation Solution is a comprehensive solution that combines IT infrastructure O&M services, infrastructure O&M automation tools and digital O&M transformation consulting. It implements high availability of infrastructure, result-oriented digital O&M model and synchronized response to customer service business development, effectively improving the efficiency, quality and value of customer IT infrastructure O&M.

New Applications Rapid Response Capability
Infrastructure Capacity Management Capability
Deliver Resilient Services Capability
Emergency Response Capability
IT Infrastructure O&M Outsourcing Service Products

NOC & SOC Integrated Operations Center

Lv2 Infrastructure Technical Support Service

SLA-based Service Delivery Management

Network Security Access and Management

IT Infrastructure O&M Automation Application Products

Intelligent IT Service Process Management - ITSM

Digital User Experience Management - iShared

End-to-end Performance Management - TOC

Intelligent Warning and Fault Location - ITOM

IT Infrastructure Operations Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Indicator Management System

perational Visibility and Control

Digital Decision Making and Optimization

Digital O&M Service Architecture Design

Event Management

·7x24hour Monitoring Service

·Runbook Support Service

·Event Lifecycle Tracking Service

Change Management

·Change Plan Design

·Change Committee Technical Support

·Change Implementation and Change Assurance

Release Management

·Infrastructure Environment Switchover

·Application Release Technical Support

·System Environment Versioning

Security Management

·Password & Account Management

·Unified Access Control

·Security Log Auditing and Analysis

Reporting Service

·Provide weekly, monthly and technical reports on infrastructure operational service

·Provide availability summary reports

Availability Guarantee

·Daily Performance Tuning

·Patch Management and Updates

·Availability Risk Identification

Incident Management

·Emergency Technical Support

·Incident Analysis and Recovery

Inspection Service

·Configuration Backup

·Health Check / Site Security Check

Guaranteeing the stability and reliability of infrastructure
Integrating innovative technologies to improve O&M efficiency

Building industry scenarios around business
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