Knowledge Management
Unlock the value of enterprise knowledge
Knowledge Management
The maturity model of UST Knowledge Management System is specially designed for our Chinese clients based on our various industry experience. Leverage management and IT to fully integrate employees with knowledge, to strengthen organizational memory, to elevate employee’s efficiency, to optimize knowledge collaboration, to improve performance, and lay the foundation for sustainable core competencies.
Current state and blueprint planning of knowledge
Diagnosis of the current situation, overall blueprint planning, application scenario design
Knowledge Content System Construction
scope, types, content, limits of authority, maps, etc.
Knowledge Management Platform Design
Knowledge portal design, system functional requirements research, system integration analysis
Organization, Operation, Appraisal and Motivational Advice
Platform Features
Knowledge Portal, Marketing Knowledge Portal, R&D Knowledge Portal, Unified Search; Mobile Application Platform
Knowledge Assets
Document-based KnowledgeKnowledge Upload and DepositionWiki-based KnowledgeRead/Review /RecommendAtomic Type KnowledgeVersion Management / Error CorrectionKnowledge CategoriesKnowledge Security Management
Knowledge Application
Job Knowledge MapProcess MapCase Mining TopicsKnowledge Event TopicsKnowledge Scenario Notification (to Job/System/Process)
Knowledge Community
Knowledge QuizExpert NetworkKnowledge Topics and DiscussionsEmployees Yellow Pages
Training and Learning
Learning TasksLearning MapCourse ManagementJob ManagementExamination ManagementTraining ManagementLecturer ManagementCredit/Certificate Management
Learner / Mentor / Management Workbench
  • Knowledge Portal

  • Knowledge Warehouse

  • Knowledge Map

  • Knowledge Community

Knowledge Map
Enables employees to learn knowledge quickly and systematically; provides a variety of map templates and contents of new employees, positions, processes and projects; also allows for knowledge pushing based on business scenarios and user habits.
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