IM Solution
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IM Solution
UST IM Solution makes it easy for customers to access support and get issues resolved effectively without repetition and eliminates problems like asymmetric customer information, inefficient messaging, large numbers of repetitive requests and cumbersome customer service processes. Managers can elevate service efficiency by collecting customer service data, assessing customer service quality and tracking customer service incidents through IM.
Functional Features
Customer Service Reception
A contact center consist of multi-channel and full-coverage external interfaces provides speech recognition and video support on wechat, persona tagging, user session transfer, FAQ search, graphic reply on wechat, remote operation, etc.
Hybrid Call System
Stable call system with distributed CTI, makes local line access problem solved and supports E1 trunk, analogue line, SIM card, SIP line with light deployment and remote configuration.
Professional Intelligent Customer Service Robots
Features like automatic answering, data matching, importing knowledge in bulk, 7*24 hours online, question learning, and FAQ guidance will help to save at least 85% of manpower costs.
Rich External Interface Capabilities Multi-Channel, Full Coverage
Customer ManagementData Reports
Operation MonitoringMarketing Systems Intelligent Customer Service Robot
External InterfacesSystem Docking Work Orders
Rapid Deployment
In ready to use, one hour deployment and launch customer service quickly.
Lower Cost
No need for professional O&M staff, add customer service on demand and choose service flexibly.
Stable Voice Call
High quality IP phone for clear and stable voice calls.
High Efficient Work
Well-designed software and multi-channel collaboration to improve customer service productivity.
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