IT Monitor
Real-time warning of IT failure, Ensure enterprise IT operation
IT Monitor
UST IT Monitor is a centralized operation and maintenance monitoring tool which analyzes data from network, computer room, and business workflow through performance monitoring, event management, accurate alarms, fault location, report statistics and other functional modules. Establish a standardized system of maintenance process and personnel management based on massive data, dynamic-charts, GUI, and data analysis to elevate IT operation efficiency.
Know the health of the virtualized environment
The real-time application monitor can find the causes of faults in time and fix it ASAP to prevent the downtime of the application.
Present the business and resource information
Keep the data center and IT system running constantly, and achieve greater security.
Elevate IT efficiency comprehensively
Build operation and maintenance procedures and personnel management systems to improve the utilization rate of IT resources.
Status Monitoring
Equipment and Application Status Inspection
Fault Inspection
Analysis Report
Periodic Inspection
Performance Tuning
Fault Management
IT Status Overview
IT Status Details
Business Status
Statistical Analysis
Fault Detection
Fault Location
Fault Handing
Technical Features
Network Equipment Monitoring
Operation System Monitoring
Underlying Server Hardware Monitoring
Storage Device Monitoring
Database Monitoring
Virtualization Monitoring
Network Topology Management
Optimize Statistical Analysis
Intelligent Inspection
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