Take innovation as a start,
take responsibility as a priority
UST believes that the power of technology and innovation keeps helping us improve the way we operate and work, and makes digitization easier.
Our Team
Ziggen Xu
Founder & CEO
Derek Cheng
Sales Dept - South China
Donna Deng
Business Development Dept - Beijing
Bonnie Jiang
Finance Dept
Cullen Jin
Recruiting Dept
Tony Kang
Product Dept & Delivery Dept
Shirly Li
Human Resource Dept
Katy Qiu
Marketing Dept
Ranus Ran
Digital Center Dept
Linda Shen
Business Development Dept - Beijing
Phoebe Shen
Strategic Investment Dept
Miki Tang
Organizational Development Dept
Gordon Yu
Sales Dept
Selina Yu
APAC Business Development Dept & Industry Digital Operation Dept
Sky Zhu
Sales Dept