iDigital Service Solution
Your Digital IT Operation Assistant
iDigital Service Solution

UST iDigital Service Solution through technology, knowledge, management and resources to empower enterprise IT operation, to make IT operations easier. Through the design of digital service scenarios, data governance, platform integration and service reconfiguration to improve the business responsiveness of IT operation, achieve data governance and intelligent technology management, to meet the experience needs of digital native users and the demand for service differentiation in the business ecological model.

Digital Service Scenario Design
Enables enterprises to differentiate their business support capabilities and improve the responsiveness of IT operation to the business
Platform Integration
Enables enterprises build innovative technology and application containers and integrated data processing centers for data governance and intelligent technology management
Data Governance
Enables enterprises to achieve an online, real-time, on-demand, self-service, social user experience that meets the needs of digital native users
Service Reconfiguration
Enables enterprises to design structured and productized service architectures and systems to meet the demand for service differentiation in business eco-models
Technology Enabling Module
T Operation Management System Collection
IT Automation Operations System Collection
Smart IT Portal (End User & IT Management)
Knowledge Empowerment Module
IT Operation Management Best Practice Consulting
IT Operation Maturity Consulting
IT Digital Operation Transformation Consulting
Management Empowerment Module
End-user Service Management
Infrastructure Operation Service Management
Application Operation Service Management
Resource Empowerment Module
UST CUBE Partner Management System
UST Overseas Business Partnership Program
UST Human Resources (Technical) Training Program
Implementation Path
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