Enterprise Cloud Solution
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Enterprise Cloud Solution
UST Enterprise Cloud Drive provides a secure and highly scalable pri-vate cloud storage solution for enterprise. The windows-like user inter-face, compatibility with hundreds of file formats and real-time online communication leverages users to edit online quickly and effectively; provides centralized document storage and management, cross-platform sharing and access, department and authority management, office col-laboration to expand enterprise data capacity, centralize business data and build a knowledge base.
Anytime, Anywhere, An OS-level Experience
Windows platform's operating logic and usage habits; no need to learn, quick to get started, smooth experience; cloud desktop, global search, super collection.
All-round Enterprise Data Security
Encrypted data transmission; operation logs, login logs; role control; fine-grained file permissions.
Centralized Document Storage
Create a document database, centralized data storage; 3 spaces for employee, enterprise and department, comprehensive coverage of daily office scenarios.
Efficient Coworking, Cloud-based Office
Online preview support for all document formats; internal collaboration sharing, flexible document authorization; historical versions can be viewed at anytime.
File Storage, Sharing, Access
Quick Upload
Online Preview
Document Search
Storage Backup
Cross-platform Access
Document Subscription
Outbound Link Sharing
Document Review
Document Archiving
Multi-person Collaborative Editing
Document Comments
Real-time Message Alerts
Useful Plug-ins
PS File Compatibility
CAD File Compatibility
Document Security Management
Historical Version Traceability
Document Watermark
Identity Verification
Access Restriction
AES256 Transmission Encryption
Multi-level Deletion
Log Audit
Cloud Antivirus
File Encryption
Background Management
Open Integration
Video Conference
AD Integration
OA Integration
Open Standard API
Technical Features
Compliant Process Design
On-demand, compliant process design for logical filing of document content
Access Control System
Three-dimensional permission control to meet the needs of enterprise for internal and external document permission settings
Data Security
Intelligent security monitoring provides multiple protections to secure business data in multiple ways
All-Terminal Experience
Enterprise Cloud Disk is available for all common endpoints and systems on the market
Intensive Management
Support for SPOC login, which can be integrated with the client's AD, eliminating the need for users to remember multiple accounts
Ongoing Operation
Suggestions for improvements and bug feedback during use, continuous, periodic version updates and bug fixes
Openness of Application Integration
Open standard API interface for integration with clients' application platforms
Metadata Extensibility
Customizable metadata formats for classification, cataloguing, tagging and notes to improve the organizability, management and retrieval of document content
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