ITIL-based IT Maturity Assessment Consulting
Ensuring continuous improvement of O&M quality
UST's ITIL-based IT Maturity Assessment Consulting is a CMMI-Svc model-based service product, guide enterprises to improve their overall IT operations and management maturity, including IT operations maturity assessment reports and IT operations maturity enhancement and milestone planning.
Confirmation of Maturity Assessment Scope
Confirmation of Relationship
Confirmation of Assessment Template
Confirmation of Assessment Method
Confirmation of Client IT Strategy and Business Development Objectives
2 working days
Research and Collection of O&M Documentation
Operations Documentation Notes
Relator Interview Notes
Assessment Template Records
5 working days/module
Operations and Maintenance Maturity Assessment
Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
Grade Assessment Chart Generation
Assessment Report Design
5 working days/module
Milestone Planning
Improved Scheme Planning
Risk Assessment
Implementing Measurement Design
5 working days/module
Customer IT Operations Maturity Assessment Report
Customer IT Operation Maturity Enhancement and Milestone Planning
3 working days
Implement Content Segmentation
Phases & Milestones Assessment
Implementing Measurement Assessment
System Building
Consulting Model: Sorting out customer management objects; building overall IT O&M management architecture; progressively improve and upgrade from a cost center to a service center.
Phase 1
Current Situation Assessment
Architecture of the O&M System
Service Design Module
Service Operation Module
Service Conversion Module
Process Commissioning Phase
Tool Platform Deployment Phase
Phase 2
System Architecture and System Design
Incident Management Process Design
Visualization Management
Issue Management Process Design
Change Management Process Design
Release and Deployment Management Process Design
O&M Performance Design
Ensure continuous improvement of O&M quality
Quantifying maturity scores to guarantee ROI
Quick access to implementation plans tailored to the development of business
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